Capobianco Farm: the philosophy of our organic tomato company


Capobianco Organic Farm was born from the desire to convey the simplicity and authenticity of Apulian culinary tradition in a modern key.

We want to be the transition between our heritage and the opportunities that the future holds.

Eating well for us means eating simple and uncontaminated food. But tradition is not enough to create a product with a real intrinsic value.

Present times call for a new approach towards agriculture and food production, oriented towards the innovative principles of Precision Farming and symbiotic agriculture.

Maximizing health, emphasizing taste, and respecting the environment.

All of this is possible only if tradition and innovation come together.

Past and future are part of the same story we want to tell starting from the logo, a two-faced Janus, the Latin god of doors, gates, passages and beginnings.

He was addressed at the beginning of every harvesting and planting season, and today we put our journey in his hands. This is where Capobianco Organic Farm begins.


Behind this project there are the stories of Vincenzo and Rachele Capobianco, two young entrepreneurs from Puglia that, after several educational and professional experiences around the world, have returned to their home to create a new narrative about their land.

Thanks to the family business in the agricultural mechanization sector and the organic farm, Vincenzo and Rachele combine these two worlds, technology and nature, to offer a new approach towards the agricultural sector, the soul of their territory, based on tradition and innovation.

The mission is to change the world of agriculture and food production, to improve products from an organoleptic point of view, maximize salubrity, emphasize taste, and respect the environment and the communities involved.