Organic Tomatoes


Our tomatoes are good for a lot of reasons.
The first is that they taste like old-fashioned tomatoes, those untreated and ripened in the sun, a flavor that you can hardly find on the market.
Then they are also good for the environment, thanks to our farming principles that minimizes the use of water and protects the soil as much as possible.
They are good for our health, because the way we grow them makes them, not only great to eat, but also perfect from a nutraceutical point of view. Our tomatoes, we can say with certainty, are good for health.
Finally, they are also good for the territory because our company acts in full respect of the dignity of all our collaborators.

Choose from plum tomatoes, yellow, orange tomatoes and organic tomato sauces

Datterini, yellow, orange tomatoes and organic tomato sauces: the choice is yours

This is the e-commerce section dedicated to organic tomatoes, grown and harvested with care, acting in full respect of the environment and our collaborators.

The organic products grown by Capobianco Organic Farm are appreciated for various reasons:
● they have the taste of the homemade peeled tomatoes of the past, they are not treated and are ripened in the sun, they have a organic tomatoes on the market hardly possess;
● they are organic tomatoes precisely because our way of doing agriculture minimizes the use of water and protects the soil we use as much as possible;
● they are Organic tomatoes that are good for the body from a nutraceutical point of view, therefore they are good for health;
● finally, they are also tomatoes for puree, to produce organic sauce preserves.

In this section dedicated to organic tomatoes and tomato puree, you can find different types for the preparation of the most varied recipes with tomatoes and tomato puree, from the simplest to the most complex.

Tomato puree and organic tomatoes for all recipes

The organic Capobianco tomatoes are grown without coloring or preservatives, harvested when fully ripe, washed and packaged in water and salt in glass jars.

Specifically, the tomatoes for puree namely: organic date tomatoes and organic cherry tomatoes are blanched for a few seconds in boiling water, pureed and then packaged in glass jars.

In this e-commerce section there are also the following variants:
 peeled tomatoes, called " Pelatini”, suitable for pizza, sauces, bucatini all'amatriciana and toppings of all types;
● red datterini tomatoes perfect for side dishes, pasta with tomato sauce and spaghetti with three tomatoes;
● yellow tomatoes, ideal for fish dishes, pizza and spaghetti with three tomatoes;
● orange tomatoes, which lend themselves well not only to the recipes mentioned above but also to more delicious like spaghetti with orange tomato, courgette flowers, zucchini and salted ricotta.

Our yellow organic tomatoes are tapered, with a thin skin and an interesting contrast between sweetness and acidity, with a delicate flavor.

Our organic orange tomatoes are round, with a thin skin, very sweet, fruity and with different aromatic scents, with a delicate flavor.

All Capobianco's tomato sauces are also suitable for preparing sauces of all types. In fact, the organic “Ciliegione” tomato puree is particularly recommended for meatballs and meat sauces.

Why choose Capobianco farm tomato sauces and organic tomatoes

At Capobianco Organic Farm, all the products, from preserved tomatoes to tomato puree, are the result of a mix of ancient and innovative techniques, developed for the preservation of the land.

Our Apulian tomatoes grow in a completely natural way and we choose every day to produce only organic tomatoes, always aiming to protect the soil and the earth.

All our tomato preserves are the product of sophisticated techniques in the agri-food field and advanced hand-picking systems of our tomatoes for sauce.

Capobianco Organic Farm is the first and only company to produce organic orange tomato preserves in water and salt, very tasty both drained and with their preserving liquid.
Our preserves datterini tomatoes, our peeled tomatoes, our datterini purées, our tomato sauces and all our organic tomatoes are the result of constant and continuous work which aims to maximize healthiness, emphasize flavour, reduce waste and respect the 'environment.